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Shoreline Restoration & Landscaping

Hastings Marine Construction was a pioneer in natural shoreline restoration and erosion control in the State of Delaware. With some of the oldest projects completed in Delaware, Hastings Marine Construction prides itself on innovation, technology, and experience in nature shoreline protection methods. 

What is a natural shoreline restoration?

Natural, also called living, shoreline restorations are projects that are designed to minimize the impacts of their installation and implementation on the environment, and return the shoreline to a naturally protected state. Most shoreline projects require the planting of vegetation, coupled with the installation of rip-rap, and often excavation. Each project is designed to match the unique characteristics of your site to ensure the success of the project, as well as to enhance the natural beauty of your property. 

What are the benefits?

Natural shorelines offer great protection for property owners due to their adaptability and protective properties. Natural shorelines have the ability to repair themselves after severe weather, and offer great habitat for wildlife. Although they do require more maintenance than bulkheads and rock, natural living shorelines provide a strong barrier for your property from the elements. 

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