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What We Offer

Hastings Marine Construction has been the leader in providing quality and durability to every project we undertake. Our integrity is our most valuable asset. Everything we do is backed by the Hastings Marine guarantee. Providing Delmarva with only the best in marine construction and marine landscaping is what we do. Our bulkheads can take the heaviest loads and are professionally engineered to stand the test of time. Our docks are individually planned to fit your every need. Our decks are custom designed for any purpose. Vast experience makes our shoreline vegetation projects truly stand out from all others. We employ erosion control specialists that will oversee your shoreline restorations to provide you with the best.

Marine Construction

Hastings Marine Construction offers nothing but quality service. Our construction methods exceed the industry standards and add significant value to our projects without the significant costs. We use stronger, more durable materials, we take time to ensure accuracy and precision, and we guarantee our work to be the best

Shoreline Restoration

Our shoreline restoration projects are specially designed, installed/constructed, and monitored to insure success. We feel that the environment of our state is very delicate. We strive to provide the best protection against storm damage, erosion, and natural decay.

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